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Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies


shaman drum shieldThe Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies was founded in 1986 by Jonathan Horwitz and Annette Høst for teaching and practicing shamanism, humanity’s oldest spiritual healing path of power. Based in Denmark and Sweden, we have more than thirty years of experience teaching courses internationally, and encouraging shamanic community work. In 2010, Zara Waldebäck joined us and she teaches together with Jonathan. We also offer tailor-made events, talks, ceremonies, and one-to-one sessions.

The Center is a center in the spiritual sense of the word, as the fire in the center of a council circle. It is in this forum our new activities are coordinated. The teachings presented on this website are a part of our common body of work. Although we work independently, our courses build on each other, and students can move freely between them.

Our logo shows the three worlds of the shaman. You can read its story here.

Our way of teaching
Our teaching focuses on how to use shamanism in our everyday lives. We feel that the basic essentials of shamanic practice are the most important. The shaman’s craft is based on the knowledge that all that exists is alive and has spirit power. spirit fire dance songThe shaman works by contacting this living power, asking for help and asking for teachings. To be able to do this the apprentice shaman must first learn to make a consciousness shift. Learning to make this shift is easy for most people with the rhythmic beat of the drum, chanting, dancing - and practice.

We are not a school with a set program, as we recognize that we each have our own unique way. We also aim at being free of dogma. In our view, the real education in shamanism is something that takes place between you and your spirit teachers. The purpose of our work is to initiate and support this process, in an environment of security, challenge, and responsibility.

We have all done research into each of our special branches of shamanism. Occasionally, we have been invited to lecture in universities and other institutions, thus building bridges between living shamanic practice and more scholarly approaches.

A living shamanic tradition
Our debt and gratitude is great to those shamans, folk-healers and medicine people who have come before us, and those who have kept the traditions alive in other cultures. Without them we would not be here. We are now considered elders in our field. Our work is continuously renewed and shaped by our Spirit Teachers. We are also inspired by our many enthusiastic work partners through the years and the great people we meet in our circles. We thank you all. Our vision is to inspire a new generation to keep the flame alive.

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