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Annette Høst


I walk on the Path that is shared by the shaman, the witch and the volva (seiðr-worker). It is a beautiful path, winding and full of surprises. I don’t know where it will lead me, but on this path I feel at home.

I have studied and practiced the craft and spiritual traditions of shamanism for more than a quarter of a century, and I see myself as apprentice to the Crow, the Wind, the Elder Tree – and my other spirit-allies. The old magic traditions of Scandinavia, the wisdom of the wilderness, and the cycles of nature are great sources of inspiration for me. I am one who gathers, remembers and hands on further.

I was born in 1951, into a family with great curiosity about history. My educational background is in history, art and crafts (mainly textile and wood), as well as occupational therapy. Early in the eighties, shamanism fell into my life and my soul, and I knew I had come home. In 1986, I co-founded Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies with Jonathan Horwitz, and I have been teaching in Denmark and Northern Europe since 1989.

On the shaman’s path, I honor Michael Harner, whose pioneering work brought shamanism within reach for us all, as my first human teacher. I see Jonathan as my pathfinder on the first long stretch of the way. As Michael’s ”core shamanic” teachings are mainly inspired by Siberian and Native American shamanic tradition, it kindled in me a hunger and curiosity to know my own shamanic roots, from my own homeland. From that point on there was no turning back. I fell in love with the Nordic tradition of seiðr, galdr, runosong, and utiseta (the Nordic vision quest). This has become my special branch of practice and teaching – however, it is a branch firmly growing on the trunk of the common shamanic Worldtree.

I feel as though some of those historical real-life shamans, wise-woman healers and seiðr workers of old, whose magic craft heritage I have explored, actually have become my own teachers. Their legacy deeply informs my practice and way of teaching. This is not to say that I want to reconstruct the past or do Viking-age seiðr. Rather, my aim is to let our modern shamanic practice grow roots in our own nature, history and everyday communities. In this way I believe we find real power and spiritual authenticity. As Gustav Mahler said, “tradition is the keeping of the fire – not the worship of the ashes”.

To this end - keeping the fire alive - I also wrote my first book, Jorden Synger, about the power of nature in Nordic tradition, together with journalist Bente Møller Sørensen, in 2005.

I live in a small green village community in the heart of Copenhagen, called Ballonpark. Here I cut my firewood, carry water and gather the herbs and magic in my garden. This is where I practice, and see individual clients and students.

My vision for my work is to see a new generation of skillful shamanic practitioners stepping into the line of tradition and doing the work which seems more necessary now than ever before. We need shamanic healers, helpers at death, inspiring ritual leaders, and ambassadors for the living Earth.

Well met in the circle!

Contact Annette by daytime telephone, between 10 - 18, on (+45) 32 54 28 08, or email
** Please be aware that Annette does not offer individual sessions for the time being



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