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Welcome to the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, the website of Jonathan Horwitz, Zara Waldebäck and Annette Høst. We offer a broad range of international courses in shamanism, shamanic healing, community ceremonial work, shamanic grassroots networking, as well as research into the shaman’s tradition, past and present.

What is shamanism? We see shamanism as a spiritual practice for healing, maintaining power and balance, and strengthening the kinship between humans and all of nature. There are many different views about what a shaman is. You can read an introduction to how we understand and work with shamanism here.

On this website we invite you to share in the bounty of what we have gathered during more than twenty-five years of experience as practitioners and teachers on the shaman’s path. The menu at the top will guide you to our articles on shamanism, our courses, inspiring art work, and the latest news about our activities.

Welcome to the shaman’s path!