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The Shaman's Journey
29-31 March 2019, Denmark
17-21 July 2019, Halland, Sweden
15-17 Nov 2019, Denmark

Into the Journey
29-31 March 2019, Ireland
Being Home
4-7 April 2019, Ireland
Help for Helpers Retreat
23-28 April 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden
Legacy of the Wise Ones
1-5 May 2019, Wales
Shamanic Practice Day
4 May 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden
Living Gifts
17-19 May 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden
29 May-2 June 2019, Hvalsø, Denmark
Stories of Nature
24-30 June 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden
Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval 
24 July-3 Aug 2019, Tokalynga, Sweden

Shamanic Counselling 1
18-24 Aug 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden

Shamanism, Death & Life
19-22 Sept 2019, Samsø, Denmark
Iceland Seidr
29 April - 3 May, 2020, Iceland


Spirit Voice  
Peace and Power
Return to Spirit
Spiritual Ecology
Spirit Dance & Ceremony
Shamanic Healing 2
Shamanic Counselling 2
Rhythms of Life 
Step Into Change

VOICE OF THE EARTH - Shamanism, Story and Spiritual Ecology

More than ever, the Earth is calling to us – how are we to listen? Introducing a combination of ancient shamanic techniques and story-creating practices, this two week experiential course opens the door to a deep and symbiotic relationship with nature. What does nature need from humans at this time? What do humans need from nature? Working with spirits and story, we will learn to hear the voices of the world and discover ways to respond.

In the shamanic worldview, the Earth is seen as a living, animate being and everything in it is alive and filled with spirit. The shaman was the first scientist, and engaged with both visible and invisible aspects of the world. Many important medicines have been discovered by indigenous shamans, where the initial knowledge about a plant’s use came not from scientific analysis, but from communicating with the plant itself. But how does the shaman know how to talk with a plant, rock or river? How does she listen for an answer?

This course offers a way to access the soul and spirit in all living beings, to discover another type of knowledge and encourage a more holistic worldview. Working with traditional shamanic practices, you will learn how to shift your consciousness and come directly into contact with different aspects of nature. You will also learn how to journey to the spirits and begin to understand the ways in which they communicate.

In many shamanic societies, story is used as a bridge between the spirit world and the human world. Stories come to empower and guide us in times of change. Stories come into the world because we listen. During the course we will listen to the Earth and ask for stories to build earth awareness and new vision, stories of connection and creation. Storytelling can help us to translate the voice of the Earth into a language that humans can hear and receive. What does nature want to share with us now, and how can it help us to remember?

Spiritual Ecology calls for the Voice of the Earth to be included in the environmental debate. At this key time of challenge, we need to engage with both the body and the soul of nature. Learning to work with them together can radically re-awaken our relationship to the Earth and help us discover new solutions, new inspirations, and new possibilities. This is not a luxury bonus or exotic sideline, it is an essential core practice.

This course is for anyone who feels touched by the spiritual, ecological and economic questions facing us today. It explores what it means to be an Earth Ambassador and how to bring this vision to your everyday life.

By experiencing how to communicate directly with the Earth, we will look deeper into the interdependence of ecological and spiritual systems. We will walk in nature, we will talk in circle, and after listening deeply, we ask - how can I lend my voice to Nature? How can I speak for the Earth?

This course is open to all. You do not need to have done the Basic course to attend this workshop, though it helps. This course is not equivalent to a Basic workshop.

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