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Spring Equinox Ceremony
20 March 2020, Åsbacka, Sweden
Shamanism, Ceremony & Nature Constellations
3-6 Sept, Åsbacka, Sweden


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On Fri 20 March 2020, the Day and the Night will be in balance, with the Light and the Dark as equal partners in our lives. Equinox signals the beginning of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and is a celebration of New Life. Even in these uncertain times, or especially in them, we rejoice in Life and all it is bringing. We can also ask for help from the power of this season, and learn more about how to work together with it.

On Friday at Dusk, we will be holding an Equinox Ceremony with the intention: "Ask for help to Connect to Balance in this Time of Change”. If you would like to join us in this intention, please feel free to hold a Ceremony in your own way, ideally at Dusk whenever that is where you are. You can sing, dance, rattle, drum, light a fire, light a candle, pray, sit in silence, walk in nature, look out a window or sit on a balcony - whatever calls you. Inside or outside doesn’t matter, as long as we have a clear connection and a strong intention.

What do you feel are the new seeds growing in your life now? How do you feel Balance dancing with you, or in Nature? How do you want to call on the Power of Balance? How do you feel it helps you during this time? How do you want to welcome Spring and all that it means to you? How do you want to give thanks?

When we work with the Spirits, the physical situation does not need to stop us. In these changing times, as we face new limitations, we can also discover new possibilities and remember old ways. The Spirits are used to working beyond the physical and so we can join in webs all over the world, and work with the invisible power of shamanic work. As Jonathan’s Spirit Teacher once said: “Life is Change, Shamanism is Change with Power"

If you want to share your experiences about Balance, you can do so on our facebook page

We are all connected, wherever we are on the Earth