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This Solstice weekend, 19-21 June, Jonathan & Zara are welcoming everyone, wherever you are and whoever you are, to come together in Spirit Space and take part in a collective Thanksgiving Ceremony to the Earth. We invite you to join with participants from the Healing Earth course, who will connect from all over the world in this ceremony.

We come together by holding a shared intention. Whatever our physical location, we can express our heartfelt gratitude to help empower the Earth at this special time.

You can do the ceremony on any of the three days of Solstice weekend – Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Whenever you do it - early in the morning, midday, late at night – you know others will also be taking part. In this way it will be a big wave of gratitude rolling around the Earth and seeping into the Soil and Soul of our great Mother.

The shared intention for the ceremony is:
to give heartfelt thanks to the Earth for my life and for Life on Earth

You can do it any way you wish – write a Love Letter to the Earth at home, go for a walk and notice the beauty the Earth provides, give thanks for food and water you eat. You can sing, dance, drum, rattle, sit quietly with a candle and pray, make a Solstice Fire, go for a sacred walk to express your thanksgiving with every step. Give a gift. Be in ceremonial space.

For more inspiration, listen to Jonathan and Zara's video-talk about “Giving Thanks to the Earth”. Please feel free to share this further

You can do the ceremony together with others or do it just between you and the Earth. What matters is that you feel the gratitude in your heart for the Life the Earth makes possible. Feel the connectedness of coming together, feeling the power of the Circle as you join with others in Solstice Ceremony.

Sing your thanks to the Water
Breathe your thanks to the Earth
Touch the Earth in gratitude for food, soil, plants
Dance and drum with the Sun
Know that all we do is round
Giving thanks and receiving love
Giving love and receiving the gift of Life