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The Shaman's Journey
19-22 July, Halland, Sweden
2-4 Nov, Denmark

Spirit Dance & Ceremony 
24-29 July, Tokalynga, Sweden
The Deepening Path Retreat
14-19 Aug, Åsbacka, Sweden
Shamanic Practice Day
8 Sept, Åsbacka, Sweden

Return to Spirit
13-16 Sept, Ireland

Legacy of the Wise Ones
19-23 Sept, Hvalsø, Denmark
1-5 May 2019, Wales
Shamanic Healing 1
Shamanic Healing 2
Shamanic Counselling 1
Shamanic Counselling 2
Soul Retrieval
Rhythms of Life 
Shamanism, Death & Life
Spirit Voice  
Forest Power
Step Into Change
Voice of the Earth

 THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY - the basic workshop



Shamanism is humanity's oldest spiritual practice, a tradition for healing and problem solving. It is a way of maintaining balance in the individual, and between the individual and the rest of creation. During this basic course, participants will be introduced to some of the main ideas and methods used for thousands of years by shamans around the world. Shamanism is not limited to Native Americans or other exotic cultures. Northern Europe also has an ancient shamanic tradition, and we all have - as human beings - the ability to work shamanically.

The main emphasis of the course is on the shaman's journey to the world of the spirits. Participants will learn to use the traditional methods of singing, dancing, and drumming to shift to shamanic consciousness, meet their spirit helpers, and explore the spirit world. In this other reality, one can gain power and knowledge for oneself and others, and touch the spirit side of Nature. Basic shamanic healing will also be taught. In the circle, we will share the experiences of the journeys, and learn how to understand them. We will look closely at the ethics of shamanic work, and see how shamanism can empower our everyday lives.

** This course is open to everyone, no previous experience is needed.

You can read more in the articles ALL LIFE IS CONNECTED and POWER IN YOUR HAND

19-22 July, 2018Tokalynga, Halland, Sweden. Extended basic in English, taught by Jonathan and Zara. Contact Zara, email: or tel: +46 (0)431 441 220. Course runs from Thu 17.00 to Sun 18.00. Fully residential. Price including food & accommodation: 4000 SEK, deposit: 1000 SEK.

2-4 Nov, 2018: Aarhus area, Jutland. Taught by Annette in Danish. Contact Maria for bookings: Price: 1900 DKK, deposit: 600 DKK.

** In 2018 Annette will not teach the basic course until late autumn. Instead Maria Lisette Jacobsen, who has assisted Annette on courses for several years, will be teaching introductory courses in Danish: 9-11 March, 8-10 June, and 9-11 Nov in Copenhagen. For more information please see Marias website


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