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The Shaman's Journey
24-26 Sept 2021, Jutland, Denmark

The Deepening Path
Begins 6 March, 5 sessions

Into the Journey
Begins 16 March, 5 sessions

Rhythms of Life (open to all)
Begins 21 March, 4 sessions
Healing Earth
Begins 26 June, 6 sessions
Sacred Ceremony (open to all)
Begins 5 Sep, 3 sessions
Open to Power (introduction course)
Begins 5 Oct, 4 sessions
Shamanism, Peace and Power
Begins 3 Nov, 4 sessions

Forest Seidr 
9-13 June 2021, Mid-Sjælland, Denmark

Spirit Voice
10-12 Sept 2021, Copenhagen

Talk: Shamanism, Change & Balance
18 March, free online Talk
Legacy of the Wise Ones
Shamanic Healing
Soul Retrieval
Iceland Seidr
Return to Spirit
Shamanism, Death & Life
Blessed by the Moon
Spiritual Ecology
Power of Ritual
Spirit Dance & Ceremony
Voice of the Earth
Being Home
Shamanic Counselling 1
Shamanic Counselling 2
Blessing the Shaman's Way
Step Into Change

RHYTHMS OF LIFE - online course

Life is change. Shamanism is change with power.

We are continually changing - seeding, sprouting, flowering, bearing fruit, harvesting and decomposing. This is the cycle of life. This is the cycle of giving and receiving: giving to Life and receiving from Life.

None of us can stand outside the nature of change. Instead of trying to resist or deny it, we can learn more about how to meet it and work together with it. Every stage of life offers its own gifts. By discovering how to open to them and accept their teachings, we can move with Power through every season. This way helps us to better deal with shifts and shocks without losing connection or a sense of where we are.

This course offers a variety of tools and ways of relating to different stages of transformation, including preparation, goodbyes, giving thanks, letting go, being still, welcoming, dawning, forming. Working in this way encourages endings to become more rich and clean, releasing the old and restoring wisdom and healing. It helps thresholds and transitions to become strong ceremonial steps of power and supports beginnings to grow into life more fully and welcome the new with joy and clarity.

The aim of this work is to create good spiritual health so we can be more fully alive wherever we find ourselves. Using nature work, writing exercises, guided meditation and ceremony, this course dances with the changing cycles of Life and invites you into a deeper harmony with its many rhythms.

This course is open to all. No previous training is needed.

The course is taught by Jonathan and Zara, in English. 


"Rhythms of Life" is offered as a webinar-style course with a larger group. You will be invited to do personal work and exercises at home between meetings, to experience the practice and get most out of the course as a healing journey. We very much recommend attending all sessions as they will build on each other into a frutiful sequence.

This course is open to all. You do not need any previous training. It is suitable both for beginners who want to explore and experience a more animistic way of being, as well as for those with an active shamanic practice who wish to go deeper.

We will meet via Zoom for a 3hr Circle on four Sundays, every two weeks:

* Meeting 1: 21 March
* Meeting 2: 4 April
* Meeting 3: 18 April

* Meeting 4: 2 May

Sunday afternoons, 15.00-18.00 Swedish time (CET)

To make it more accessible, this course is offered at three different price levels. Please consider what you are able to give at this time and choose the one that is right for you: 

3000 SEK - 2000 SEK - 1000 SEK

To book, please go to the Eventbrite booking page:

If you prefer not to pay with Paypal, contact Zara for other payment options:

* Please be aware that once you book, there are no refunds. 


You will need to connect to the Zoom meetings via a computer or tablet. In between meetings you will be given work to do at home as well as space on a dedicated facebook group for participant sharing and teacher comments. If you prefer not to use facebook, it is still possible to join in with the course through the Zoom meetings only.

If you have never taken part in an online course, it is quite simple and you will get technical guidance to help you prepare. This is a different way of meeting but very powerful in its own way.


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