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The Shaman's Journey
9-11 April 2021, Jutland, Denmark
14-18 July 2021, Halland Sweden

Being Home
Begins 27 Jan, 4 sessions
The Deepening Path
Begins 6 March, 5 sessions

Into the Journey
Begins 16 March, 5 sessions

Rhythms of Life (open to all)
Begins 21 March, 4 sessions
Help for Helpers
Ongoing since 10 Oct, 5 sessions
Stories of Nature (open to all)
Ongoing since 15 Nov, 6 sessions
Iceland Seidr
28 April-2 May 2021, Iceland

Forest Seidr 
9-13 June 2021, Mid-Sjælland, Denmark

Shamanism, Death & Life
21-27 July 2021, Tokalynga Sweden

Spirit Voice  
10-12 Sept 2021, Copenhagen
Talk: Shamanism as a Spiritual Path
Online Talk
Legacy of the Wise Ones
Shamanic Healing
Soul Retrieval
Return to Spirit
Blessed by the Moon
Spiritual Ecology
Power of Ritual
Spirit Dance & Ceremony
Voice of the Earth
Shamanic Counselling 1
Shamanic Counselling 2
Blessing the Shaman's Way
Step Into Change
Open to Power (introduction course)

OPEN TO POWER - online introduction course

Shamanism is humanity's oldest spiritual practice, a tradition for healing and problem solving. It is a way of maintaining balance in the individual, and between the individual and the rest of creation. Shamanism is not limited to other indigenous cultures. Northern Europe also has an ancient shamanic tradition, and we all have - as human beings - the ability to work shamanically. 

During this basic introduction, participants will touch some of the key ways practiced for thousands of years by shamans around the world. By learning to work with Rattles, Song, and Nature you will find how it is possible to shift to into a more expanded consciousness and live with greater awareness.

This intensive and experiential course helps you to build a solid foundation for your Spirit work. The exercises are simple but deep depending on how you engage with them. It shows you how to bring a regular practice into your daily life and how to take it further. We will also explore essential elements of the work, including asking for help, discipline, trust and working with intention.

Shamanism can empower us every day and help reconnect us to a more soulful way of being. In these days of global climate change and exploitation of natural resources, it is more important than ever that we learn to remember and relate to the world as alive and existing as both spirit and matter.

Even though we meet online, you will experience connection to the sacred power of the Circle. Participants will be offered different exercises to try between meetings. There will be time to ask questions both in Zoom meetings and in the Facebook group, and receive support and inspiration for your personal path.

** Please note that on this course we will not be teaching shamanic drum journeys. In many other ways it is similar to the introduction course “The Shaman’s Journey”

The course is taught by Jonathan and Zara, in English. 


This course is held as online meetings in a workshop group of max 24 participants. You will be asked to try out personal work and exercises in between meetings to experience the practice and bring it home. Please make sure you can participate fully in all sessions as well as the work in between. 

We hope to run this course sometime in 2021. Dates will be announced later on.

To book, please email Zara:

* Please be aware that once you book, there are no refunds. 

Please only book this course if you are able to take part fully in all meetings and engage with the shamanic exercises in between sessions

You will need to connect to the Zoom meetings via a computer or tablet. In between meetings you will be given work to do at home as well as space on a dedicated facebook group for participant sharing and teacher comments. If you prefer not to use facebook, it is still possible to join in with the course through the Zoom meetings only.

If you have never taken part in an online course, it is quite simple and you will get technical guidance to help you prepare. This is a different way of meeting but very powerful in its own way.

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