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Years ago I was given a deep lesson from my Teacher. He said: “Life is change. Shamanism is change with power.” Of course, he was not talking about the power of money or armies. He was talking about spirit power, the power of Love. Reading the headlines, hearing “the news” from many places around the world, it is easy to feel that love and wellbeing is not of great interest to many political leaders. Whether or not this is true, it does not absolve us from our duty to shine and make sure Love in the world is strong. And this we can do, together with our spirits, as practitioners of shamanism and as human beings.

A year ago, I was asked to do a ceremony online as part of a program called A Year of Ceremony. Doing sacred work online does not come naturally for me, but my spirits told me that this was something I must do. They said it wasn’t about me and my preferences, it was about us: everyone, seen and unseen, in all worlds, on Earth. They told me to do the ceremony “Watering the Seeds of Peace” which they gave to me two years ago. We did this at the Full Moon in January, just before the so-called inauguration in the US. After finishing the ceremony, I felt as though I had stepped over another threshold. My life is different now.

To help me to do this ceremony, my Teacher gave me some words to say which I should invite the participants to say as well. Later, many from around the world wrote to me to thank me for the ceremony, and one especially thanked me for what she called “The Peace Prayer.” I want to share this Peace Prayer with you:

I embrace my past
I embrace the future
I embrace who I am in this moment
I gather Peace into my Heart
And I feel the seeds grow
I know I can carry Peace with me
Into the World
And I will carry Peace with me
Into the World

Some time ago Zara received a teaching from her Spirits, that Peace is not the absence of conflict, Peace is the attitude with which we face conflict. In the world today we are not helpless because we are not alone. We have each other and we have the help of the spirits. We know that love and peace are the qualities needed to nourish our world today. Together we are many, together we are strong. It’s not a matter of win or lose. It is a matter of how we live. As Thich Nhat Hanh points out, we carry many seeds in our hearts – the seeds of fear, the seeds of love, the seeds of past hurts, the seeds of peace, the seeds of hopelessness, the seeds of trust, and so many more. Which seeds are we watering? Which seeds do we spend time with, which do we nurture, encourage, support? We always have a choice.

Water the seeds of Love and Peace. We are changing the world.

- Jonathan -



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We begin spring-teaching with a SHAMANIC PRACTICE DAY, 2 April, at Åsbacka, southern Sweden. For those of you who live near enough to come for the day, it is a chance for connection and inspiration. The theme is “Planting Seeds” and explores ways to bring new growth into our lives.

Jonathan and Zara then go to Ireland to teach SHAMANIC HEALING WITH NATURE, 28 April – 1 May together with Liam Glenane, followed by a weekend retreat in Sussex, South England on THE CYCLE OF GIVING AND RECEIVING, 5-7 May.

Annette begins teaching in March with the introduction course THE SHAMAN’S JOURNEY, 10-12 March, in Denmark, and BLESSED BY THE MOON in 3-7 May.

The summer tradition of Tokalynga continues with the extended 4-day introduction course SHAMAN’S JOURNEY, 20-23 July, and after this we offer a very special event - the SHAMANIC EARTH GATHERING is not so much a course as a week to come into community and explore how we as shamanic practitioners can serve the Earth. It will be run in a slightly different way with a special booking process so please contact Zara for more info.

In August at Åsbacka, Jonathan and Zara teach the classic SHAMANIC COUNSELLING 1, 20-26 Aug, which helps you both to work with others and to understand your own journeys in a clearer deeper way.

In England Annette will teach BLESSED BY THE MOON 6-10 sept – on how to be in harmony with our own moon cycles within Nature’s greater cycles.


Last autumn Jonathan was interviewed by John-Luke Edwards and Jeff Stockton for their internet radio programme "Forked Stick". We can now share the full length talk on our website where Jonathan reflects on Sacred Duty and what it means to him. You can listen to it via our updated Library page

The ways of the Moon” is a new article by Annette which illustrates an introduction to Moon lore, the basis of all shamanic moon magic, and is meant as kickstart for your own moon studies. It is also as an appetizer for the course BLESSED BY THE MOON in September.


Jonathan Horwitz can be reached on email or daytime tel (+46) 431 441 220
Annette Høst prefers daytime telephone (+45) 32 54 28 08. Email


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