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Talk: Shamanism, Change & Balance
Online Talk, 18 March
Talk: Shamanism as a Spiritual Path
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On this special workshop we will explore Nature Constellations from a shamanic perspective. This work has grown out of systemic family constellation, which explores how parts of a whole affect each other within a conscious “knowing field”. Just like shamanism, it reveals the invisible web of how things are interrelated. The spiritual roots of constellation work are deeply connected to indigenous ceremony and there is much to learn when we see it through the eyes of the Spirits.

Family constellations usually focus on personal issues. In some ways they can be seen as family-wide soul retrievals, often reaching back through generations and working with ancestors to heal old patterns. Like shamanic work, it can release stuck energy, conduct souls of the dead and heal through restoring power to its rightful place.

In Shamanic Nature Constellations we widen the field to include animals, plants, elements and Spirits. We invite the more-than-human to take part and we listen to what they have to say. Here the focus can be on how to create deeper bonds between humans and the living world, solve conflicts between human interests and natural ecosystems, or find inspiration for complex systemic environmental challenges. It touches on both individual needs and larger community questions and global topics.

During this time of human history we need to re-learn being in relationship to the Earth. Expanding the concept of family beyond humans, we remember that we are all related. Working with untangling blocked energy on this larger scale can help us to see where to best put our time and energy and ensure that Life can flow as its vibrant natural self.

On this course we will work with a mix of shamanic drum journeys, community ceremony and systemic Nature constellation. All participants must have completed introduction course The Shaman's Journey or have a similar shamanic foundation so you can journey clearly to at least one Spirit Helper. You do not need to have any previous experience of constellation work. Check with us if you are not sure.

** This course has been cancelled. We hope to run it in 2021 instead, and may be offering an online version later in 2020. Please check in later for more information.

Åsbacka, Skåne, Sweden. Taught in English by Zara and Jonathan, together with their friend and colleague Caroline Wingolf from

For bookings and more info, contact Zara, email: or tel: + 46 (0)431 441 220. Fully residential. Start Thu 16.00, End Sun 16.00. Max 12 places.

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