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Many people mention to us that they feel alone in their shamanic way of life. We believe in the building of shamanic communities, and encourage the creation of networks based on our common Spirit- and Earth-honoring values. Part of working with the Spirits is standing together, and being in community can help you experience the power of the Circle. Here are some suggestions if you want to stay connected.

The ISC is a self-organizing gathering of shamanic practitioners, created by and for people who have trained with Jonathan or Annette. Its aim is to help sustain a sense of community and give support and inspiration between and beyond workshops. It has a members forum, holds meetings, does ceremonial work and also offers help as an active Healing Circle. To find out more, including how to join, go to

Many of the people who have trained with us meet and support each others’ shamanic practice and growth in journeying circles or ”drumming groups”. Such local shamanic groups include both serious training and having fun together. If you want to find out about groups in your area, you can contact us and we will help if we can. Some people meet every fortnight, some meet at the seasonal festivals – there are many ways of keeping a drumming group alive and well. If you start a group, please let us know, so we can recommend you to others. Here is a partial list of established local shamanic circles, as well as tips and ideas for running your own drumming group:

Shamanic seasonal celebrations, group visits to natural or prehistoric power places, winter feasts, work project parties and full moon gatherings are just a few examples of great opportunities for joyful ceremonial get-togethers, strengthening our networks and spirit connection. There are many possibilities and the only limit is your imagination. Keep an eye on our newsletter or look in our News section for such events - or ask the Spirits and make your own!